Tuition and Policies

REGISTRATION FEE (10 Month Session)

There is a $25.00 registration fee per family, for the 10 month session only. The registration fee is due at the time of registration and payable within two weeks. If the registration fee is not paid on time students may be removed from the class roll and placed on the wait list.

TUITION (10 Month Session)

Tuition is due on the student’s first class of the month.  Monthly fees are based on the number of hours of class. The class fee is $50.00 per month per class.  There is a 10% discount for students that take multiple classes or for families with multiple students.  Fees are posted automatically through our on-line registration system.  Also, you should receive a confirmation email when you register which shows the class which you are registered for.  You may view the fees and class schedule any time by visiting our website at and clicking on the “Customer Login/Registration” tab at the top of the page. Then, enter your email and password and click on the “Fees & Payments” tab or the “My Classes” tab. 

Tuition fees are always the same each month whether there are three, four, or five classes in a month.  It is a monthly rate.  Therefore, in the case of holidays, there are no refunds, credits, or discounts.  This also means there is no extra charge for a five-week month.  If tuition is not paid by the third class of the month, students may be asked not to participate in class until the tuition along with the $5.00 late fee is paid. If tuition is not paid by the forth class of the month, all discounts will be lost and the late fee will still apply. Students with outstanding balances from previous sessions are not eligible to register for the upcoming session until past due balances are paid in full.  There will be a $25.00 charge added to your account for any check that is returned to the studio.  


Payments can be dropped off any time during office hours.  When mailing in the tuition or electronic checks, it must be postmarked before the grace period is up.  Tuition mailing address is:    

Forest Grove Dance Arts
P.O. Box  1170  
Forest Grove, OR 97116

Debit/credit payments can be made online on our parent portal with no additional fee; debit/credit cards saved on portal will be auto billed on the 5th of each month.

SUMMER TUITION FEES (6 week session and intensives)

There is a $15 registration fee for the summer session; one-half of the summer tuition is due within two weeks of your online registration. The per-class fee for the 6 week summer session is $75.00. The fees for the 4 day or one day summer intensives are based on the number of hours of instruction. Summer tuition fees are refundable if you let us know at least two weeks prior to the start of the first class. The summer schedule which is posted on-line lists the fees per class. There is a 10% discount for students that take multiple classes or for families with multiple students. When you register on-line you will receive a confirmation of the classes that you registered for and the fees. If one-half of the tuition is not paid on time (within two weeks of registering) students may be removed from the class roll and placed on the wait list. Contact the studio if you need to make arrangements for a different payment schedule. We will be as flexible as possible.

Refunds & Make-ups

There are no refunds or credits given if a student misses a class. Classes can be made up if there is a comparable class. Make-up classes must be scheduled within two weeks of the missed class.


Please be at class as often as possible. Please call the studio in case of an absence. If at any time you decide not to return to classes, please call the studio so we can give your spot to the next person on our waiting list.



Although we strive for safety, on occasion, injuries occur. Parents will be notified promptly. If your child has any medical problems relevant to dance class, please note on student profile on the parent portal. Please understand that dance training and performance is a strenuous physical activity that involves some risk of injury. As you agreed at registration, Forest Grove Dance Arts and its employees are not held liable for injury that may occur during class, rehearsal, or performance.

Dance Bag


Each student should bring his or her shoes in some type of dance bag. Please do not wear your dance shoes as street shoes. There are cubbies provided for the dancers’ bags. Please use the hooks for coats and light bags only!

Class Time


Each dance class will end about 2 minutes before its scheduled end time. We do this to ensure children are safely with their parents and the teacher can prepare for her next class.

Studio Etiquette


*Dancers should arrive five minutes before class begins.  Dancers arriving late may be asked to observe the class.  Dancers without appropriate attire or hair secured properly may also be asked to observe.

*The instructor is responsible for students during class time only.  Please do not drop off students more than 5-10 minutes before class.  Dancers, please stay in waiting area until time for your class to start.

*For the students’ safety, we ask that they remain in the building while waiting to be picked up.  

Classroom Etiquette


Is posted on the main bulletin board and copies are available in the office.